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Corte Airfield is the ideal point of reference for those who wish to spend their holidays in Salento: its location at the heart of the Salento peninsula and the seeker free services we offer allow you to easily reach all coastal and inland destinations.

Defined by magazine Volare "Aircraft Carrier Adriatic" because of its location in the far south-east of Italy, at the crossroads between the Adriatic and Ionian, Corte Airfield is a great place to start or transition to all destinations on the Adriatic Sea and the Mediterranean.

In fact, it's very easy to get Calabria, Sicily and the neighboring Greece, Croatia and Malta in accordance with the rules governing airspaces.


For more details contact our Antonio Santoro at +39 333 4890266.



How to get Corte (LINB)

  • 40° 06' 25" N - 018° 15' 28" E


    1) Flying as "Basic ULM":

    avoid the Grottaglie and Brindisi CTRs; please, cross Lecce CTR from East not above 500 ft. GND, avoiding the military Lecce-Galatina ATZ.

    2) Flying as "Advanced ULM":

    contact all ATC Services along your route asking their altitude and direction you prefer.

Useful Informations (click to see it)

  • - Practicability of the runway: always perfect even after heavy rains and, as excellently leveled, the airfield is normally used by each type of GA aircrafts;


    - Ground services: those who wish to continue their flight in the direction of Greece, will be provided with the necessary assistance for planning the route, for the compilation and submission of a flight plan and any other matters necessary to continue the flight.